Hosting Setup

“Let our team of Hosting Experts setup and manage all the control panels, FTP, email addresses, software installations for you while you focus on doing what you Love”

And if you have a dedicated server, we can manage that too…

Although, it is simple and easy for the technical people, hosting setup can be a nightmare for a newbies. You have to spend hour understanding how to work with control panel, setup FTP, upload your site, setup email addresses and all kind of hosting related tasks that can take only few minutes of a technical person.

There are more hosting companies on internet now a days than there are stars in the sky, but not a single company provides you REAL hosting setup and support that is needed for a non technical person. All these company assumes that you are coming with some previous knowledge/experience of hosting setup and then leave it on you to “DO IT YOURSELF”. Even if there are companies who offer you paid hosting setup and support, but it costs you any where from $50 to $300, which is very high for something as easy as hosting setup.

Our new Hosting Setup Service is specially designed to help you get your website hosting setup quickly and with convenience, without having to learn any thing technical. We work on your behalf to setup everything for you according to your requirements, and this happens very fast.

You can choose one of the following services for hosting setup.

Shared Hosting Setup Service Price: $15

Ideal for the customers who have recently ordered shared hosting service from any hosting company. We can provide following services for you

  1. Help you transfer your domain from your domain registrar to your hosting server by changing NS records of your domain.
  2. Create FTP accounts so you can upload your site
  3. Upload your website pages, audio and video files
  4. Create unlimited email accounts so that you can send and receive mail on
  5. Any other hosting related task you may want us to do on behalf of you.


Dedicated Server Hosting Setup and Management

Are you planning to get a dedicated server for your company website, but don't have enough technical skills to manage it? Remember, most hosting companies will only provide you operating system level services when it comes to dedicated servers, and if you need some custom installation, you will need services of a skilled system administrator who can remotely operate on your server and perform custom tasks. also offers server administration service, where you hire the services of our dedicated server administrator who can perform custom installations on your dedicated server. The scope of a system administrator includes, but is not limited to

  1. Remote Linux Administration ( for all versions of Linux)
  2. Installation of standard Linux server modules including Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP (LAMP), Qmail.
  3. Routine Backup configurations
  4. Installation of programming patches and libraries that may be required to run other software
  5. Ensuring Security of your server by applying firewall and standard security checks to avoid hacker attacks.
  6. Database optimization and server tweaking
  7. Server Resource Monitoring to ensure 100% uptime
  8. DNS configurations
  9. Spam Blocking, by applying Spam filters and publishing SPF records
  10. Installation of open source solutions like forums, helpdesks etc.
  11. And ANY thing related to your servers.

So your dedicated server administrator will be your team member working dedicatedly for you to ensure your servers keep running with the best performance and ensuring 100% up time.

To hire a System Administrator today, SEND US A FREE ENQUIRY


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